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To a publication that in 2 short years has become the most popular general-interest magazine devoted to the Badger State.

Our Wisconsin is colorful…it’s conversational….and it’s the first magazine that brings together readers from across the state to share stories and photos that show why life in Wisconsin is truly special.

If you live in Wisconsin, you know what we mean!

In this publication you’ll find stories that are 100% positive and filled with fun.   It’s armchair reading you’re sure to enjoy because it’s lighthearted, honest and real. 

With so many voices in the blend, Our Wisconsin is much more than a magazine.  It’s a friendly conversation among neighbors.  We’re confident this is the only magazine that combines feature stories from avid Harley riders and our gentle Amish neighbors. Now that’s diverse…and it’s real-life Wisconsin.

Issue after issue, Our Wisconsin is positively packed with lively stories and vivid color photos that make you proud of this great state we call…Our Wisconsin.

Fun Features in Our Current Issue…

Round-Trip Flight. He’d know the sound of this little plane’s engine anywhere…he’d built the aircraft inside his home 50 years before..

Lavender Lovers, Unite! The south of France has nothing on Washington Island, where fields of blue make a striking hue. 

Come Join Our Treasure Hunt. Find the hidden key and you’ll win a brand-new 16-foot pontoon boat! You can even choose its color.

A 300-Mile Bike Hike. That’s the distance these 12-year olds pedaled in the summer of 1940—and their parents consented.

Irish Road Bowling is a Ball! This unique sport, born in 17th-century Ireland, is finding fans in western Wisconsin.

More Than Hot Air. The annual Waterford Balloon Festival is colorful, flavorful and lots of high-flying fun.

Casting Call. It was clearly heard by early-day Wisconsin fishermen who eagerly embraced a new sport.

The Wizard of Waukesha. Les Paul would have been 100 years old on June 9. His influence on modern music can’t be overstated.

The “Chimney Man” Can. This retired plasterer uses chimneys as his canvas…with 200 art pieces and counting.

They Flutter By. Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin is home sweet home for thousands of monarchs.

He Had a Boatload to Learn. Wisconsin’s black bears made a budding wilderness guide think twice about this summer job.

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This Montego Bay pontoon boat is built right here in Wisconsin, and you’ll have a great time touring our state’s lakes and rivers aboard a brand-new fishing or cruising model if you win our Treasure Hunt contest!  This craft is provided by Northport Marine, of Gillett.

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